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Being a NORTH SAILS Certified Repair Loft, our goal is to provide you with expert repairs, maintenance, and upgrades in a timely manner. We know that whether you race or cruise, your sails are a major investment, and we’re committed to helping you maximize their performance and lifespan


What we can do for You

  • Inspect and Repairs Mainsail head, tack, clew and reef
  • Webbing and hardware for chafe and UV damage.
  • Luff tapes and luff attachments.
  • Leech line, Foot line and attachment system.
  • Batten pocket ends, attachments and fit.
  • Sail Bag drawstring, zippers, web straps, and label
  • Sail body for condition of cloth, seams, sail numbers, draft stripes and windows. Replace or add telltales .
  • Miscellaneous gear: Spinnaker Snuffer line and hoop, mainsail external flaking system, headsail vertical battens
  • UV covers, Cushions cover, Dinghy cover, Inflatable boat cover, Trampoline, Shade cover, Bimini cover etc.

You can drop off your sails at Thailand Sail Loft OMYC Pattaya or ship directly to us.

About us

Sail Loft Thailand, Est 2010 on the eastern seaboard of thailand, Is a committed Industrial Manufacturing company, offering Contract sewing and brand name products such as ZSAFE, TZERO, Earthology, Canvas Covers, Shade sails and Architectural Membranes.

In 2022 Sails Loft Thailand looking for a skilled team of dedicated sailors, sewers,and service people to train and certify to provide the necessary after care services they provide for their products.

Sail Loft Thailand opened for Product and Service in Ocean Marina Yacht Club Pattaya.


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